Frequently asked Questions

How to play?

Click any case on main page.
Next, specify the number of cases you want to open and click "Open Case".
The game starts, and immediately the game drum with different CSGO skins starts.
After a few seconds it stops, and only your luck determines which skin you will get!

What I able to do with my prize?

You can sell any of your prizes, also you able to withdraw it into funds on your Steam or CsgoMarket account.
For one or another action, go to your profile by clicking your avatar in the upper right page corner and then move the cursor over the item in your inventory. 
After that you'll see like two buttons: "Sell" and "Withdraw" will showed up.

How to make deposit?

Click on the "Add balance" button in the upper right page corner and select the amount of the deposit in the next window.
Then click the "Pay with cash" button and you'll be automatically directed to the payment system page, where you'll need to choose the convenient payment method and complete the payment.

How to deposit skins?

Click on the "Add balance" button in the upper right page corner and click the "Pay with Skinpay" button.

Withdrawal issues? Didn't receive your payment?

If you have problems with withdrawal of prizes, you should contact our consultant by clicking on "Help" in the right corner of the page.

Haven't received money onto your account?

Generally, users getting their funds within a minute after payment.
If you made a deposit 20 minutes ago and still have not received money onto your account, please contact our technical support by clicking on the button "Помощь" on the left page corner.    @special for ;)

How to play on a free wheel?

Click on Free-Wheel button in upper-right corner.
Hold your mouse and drag the lever down.
A few seconds after releasing you will see your prize!
You also can get a letters. Collect the whole word "CSCASE" to get 10.000 rubles to your account!